uses of color

I like on how Vincent used the colors to blend and make a beautiful painting.
Vincent van Gogh used blue to show how he was very depressed during the time he was painting this.
Van Gogh used very dark colors to illustrate the felling of fall with the dark heavy colors such as the brown and black.
Vincent used very dark colors to compliment the sadness in the face of the peasant.
Van Gogh painted the stars with a bright yellow and made it brake through the dark blue that surrounds it to make them seem brighter and more vibrant.
Vincent van Gogh used yellow as his primary color to perhaps to capture audience attention or show his like for the sunflower. 
Pieter used cool colors around the tower and people to give them a glow and made them a warm color to appeal to the audience.
Vincent used dark colors to show the depression of the people who are eating potato since that's all they seem to have to eat.
Paul used vibrant colors to show the exoticness of the wilderness and the people and their culture.
Paul used a cool orange to contrast the bright grass to make them standout. 
Paul Gauguin used very bright and warm colors to express the exotic landscape that he saw.
Paul used a lot of cool and dark colors to show the strange and unusual tradition of the natives that he hasn't seen before.
Vincent van Gogh probably used very cool colors around on and on the Church to show how the Church has removed him from being a missionary and destroyed his dream of being a missionary.
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