Artworks come in many different themes, styles, designs, textures and meanings. This exhibition is based on the theme of the sea. The next fifteen artworks show different ways sea can be represented and how each style represents a different meaning. The Sea in general can mean many things to a person. It can represent a characters freedom, loneliness, death, re-birth and much more. The Sea is represented using different colour's such as browns, blacks, yellows, greens and blues. These colour's can make the audience feel dark and down if the artist has decided to create a darker mixture to give off a different meaning, however if the artist made their artwork bright and colour-ful it will change the audiences opinion and the meaning of the artwork. This exhibition is arranged in the style of the most detailed to the less detailed. The exhibition is designed and arranged this way to attract the audience right from the beginning, this happens because when their eye sees the detail and the dark contrasting colour's their attention will get drawn to this specific exhibition. The Sea is easy to look at and gives off a calming sense to the audience. 

This artwork is placed under the subjective frame. In this artwork I see a dark world, where everything is changing. When I look at this artwork I feel angry at today's society for making it this way.
This artwork is a Postmodern Frame. It is obvious that this artwork has been inspired/taken from a photograph but he has created it his own way by painting over it in a subtle manner. Although there is a lot going on in the photo adding that slightest bit of paint made it more calm and natural to observe.
This artwork is considered as a structural frame. The materials used in this artwork are canvas and acrylic. The canvas and acrylic add a very calming sense to the artwork making it easier to look at without being overwhelmed and describes us when in water.
This artwork is a cultural frame. The young boys in this artwork are not wearing any clothes and look calm. This is very different to today's world as we cant get nude in front of someone and that we are to worried about what other people think instead of being carefree.
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