jose Perez


this art piece shows movement. It shows movement because it clearly looks like the little boy sculpture looks like its petting something or going to pick something up
This shows pattern because it has a repetion of elements as you can tell on the sides it has flowers and then it leave some space and then it shows flowers again in a pattern way.
this art piece shows rhythm because it has a pattern of ancient people and then you can clearly see that the 2 men are talking which involves movement and that's all you need in rhythm
This shows harmony because of the three small sculptures having similarities they look very similar and yet being being diferent sizes
This shows proportion. It shows accurate proportion because the head matches with the size of its body like no one piece is bigger than what it should be
This art piece shows color. It shows color because the light that is being reflected it white and a little bit of brown so it means that it has color.
this art piece shows variety because it has a lot of different types of elements in one piece. you have bigger sizes different colors different patterns so there is a lot of variety here
This art piece shows value because of how the lightness and darkness its more dark on the bottom right and its lighter on the top left
This shows space because the positive space is the buffalo it self, and the negative space is the empty space around it
this shows lines because it has lines going down the whole sculpture just going across until the bottom
this shows emphasis because the cup puts the women in the middle so its the thing that gets your attention first out of all the other little designs around her
Thus shows visual texture because it looks like it feels like rough and visual texture is when you don't actually touch it but its how you think it feels
this shows balance because it has like the same thing on both sides of the boomerang sculpture it has the same amount of lines and the shape is the same if you split it down the miiddle
this shows shape because it has lenghth and width it has the width on the side and the lenghth from the curve leg to the top of the glass
This shows form because it has width + dept and its 3D its form is the way it looks like its form is that it looks like a human. like a plate has a round form
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