Gone But Not Forgotten: War Heroes - Treylen Huber

In this gallery we will expand on why certain war heroes are depicted in such a way through art work. We will go hundreds of years back in time to see the changes in each piece that help portray a strong and confident leader for the society of that time.  

Archery shows Rama, the hero of epic Ramayana, who was known as Archer. He is shown flying above his village with a bow and arrow in his hand. At that time the bow and arrow was seen as the most powerful weapon stating an archer could maintain control and order of an entire village. This statement is brought to life through the painting with a village worshiping Rama.
The Wrath of Achilles shows the great King Agamemonon sitting on his throne. He is at a cross road as he must give his beloved Chrysalis back to her father, the priest of Apollo, all to save his people from the plague. This powerful painting shows how extraordinary the painters thought of their king with depicting him talking directly with the gods.
Charles ll shows the young prince, the prince of Wales, as a confident military hero. He is seen holding a commander’s baton in his hand, symbolizing his leadership on the battlefield. His left hand is placed on his helmet proving his loyalty to fight along side the same people he rules.
The Portrait of General Pyotr Bagration is a unique one. It was painted not from the living Napoleonic war hero himself but instead from pencil sketches and other existing works. Pyotr was famous for being cool headed on the battle field which help him through the most dangerous situations. He was experienced giving way to being painted with lots of medals attached to his uniform. That was only to help signify his importance to history and Russia alike.
The Greek Warrior painted by Carl Haag does not depict one man or hero. Instead he uses the common man to represent the heroic spirt that captivated men throughout the War of Independent. The ancient ruins are shown in the background in order to represent the glorious past of all the greek warriors before them.
Winfield Scott was a veteran of the War of 1812 and a hero of the Mexican War. He was an experience general that spent his whole career in the military at an old age he continued to lead troops from a wheelchair. He in the painting he isn’t remembered as the leader in a wheel chair but instead the strong and witty leader that commanded them to victory over a number of times.
The Battle of Grunwald clearly displays the chaos that is war. The Polish-Lithuanian-Russian forces are led by Ladislaus Jagiello in what will be remembered as one of the nation’s greatest military victories. The Grand Master is in the middle of a clashed showing the strength of the Polish-Lithuanian nation.
The Great Battle of Ansong Ford was part of the Sino-Japanese war. Captain Matsuzaki is shown charging the front with his troops. He is fearless and brave, everything that people would want to remember in a war hero. Matsuzaki would be the first to fall in battle because of his bravery to command the troops from the front line.
Douglas MacArthur was a Commander of the American land forces in the Pacific during World War ll. He suffered defeat and had to flee the Philippines vowing “I shall return.” Here we remember him at the moment of fulfillment, keeping his promise he stands tall and proud of what he has accomplished.
Theodore Roosevelt was not only a president but a Spanish-American War hero. Becoming president after William McKinley’s assassination he would go on to be one of America’s most productive presidents. He made national landmarks and helped in the construction of the Panama Canal. In this portrait Roosevelt has a whip in his hand to help viewers remember that he was always driven to succeed.
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