Winslow Homer was born on February 18, 1836 in boston massachusetts to September 29, 1910, Prouts Neck, ME. He was the son of Charles savage Homer and Henrietta benson Homer, siblings of Charles savage Homer Jr. and Arthur benson Homer. Winslow’s first field of work was art, he worked as a printer worker in boston, and new york where he eventually settled in 1859. Early in his carrer he worked in vigina as a magazine desiner for Harpers Weekly. Some of his first paintings were from the civil war and date back to 1863. At the end of 1866 he made a 10 month stay in Paris france to take in all of the portraits there. During the 1970s winslow had returned to virginia where he had lived during the war and were the magazine company was. Much of the work he depicted in the late 1870s, also resembled that somber atmosphere, and some of the qualities that were there in some of his earlier pieces while he lived in Virginia. In 1873 he began to use watercolors for the first time, which helped him see the surroundings better and get in depth with his detail. In 1881 Winslow traveled to England where he traveled his second and final trip abroad. After looking through London he decided to live in cullercoats, a village near Tynemouth on the north sea. He stayed there until spring of 1881 to 1882 of November. In the start of 1883 his paintings started to only involve the ocean in them. With the new watercolors he found it made it much easier to draw the details. By the end of his life and the 1890s he had become the leader of american painters. Sadly in 1910 Winslow Homer one of the best painters had suddenly died in his prouts neck studio.

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