The Amazing strategic structures that led a striving gothic period!           -robert gallo

In my art gallery, I take us back to a period of Gothic structures and beautiful landscapes! I will use paintings, pictures and other mediums that will give any viewer a great sense of amazing patterns, history, religion and nature elements that took the Gothic age to a new height in fascination! 

For our first piece, I have chosen this amazing piece of art work because it is a very recognizable painting! When choosing items for my gallery, I saw this painting that I was very familiar with and had no idea was even from the Gothic times! This abstract painting of a farmer and his wife can clearly illustrate the fashion, landscaping and structure design of the Gothic period. Whether looking at the farmers, the house or even just the landscape in the background we get a sense of style like no other that can only be found within the Gothic era.
For the next pieces of art, I chose some nice structural paintings and pictures. This specific drawing is a break-down of a Norman Gothic style column which was quite common during this time period. Within the picture, we are given a top-down view of the inside of this type of column. We can clearly see how they kept the inside of these columns very solid in order to achieve durability and the beautiful look they give off.
Taken in 1930, this picture is a photo of a fully wooden Gothic style house. This photo is quite significant due to the fact most Gothic style structures, especially wooden, were destroyed before modern day. This was due to the fast rate of decay and the increased chance of fire burning down the structures. This house looks to be in decent shape and you can actually see just how beautiful the architecture is. From the strategically designed roof to the little fence, it is hard to find anything this amazing and authentic anymore. From line work to conssitant pattern, this house is one of a kind.
Here is another photo that gives a nice side view of a Gothic cottage. In relation to the other Gothic house picture, this one is not wooden and because of that, looks to be in better shape. These are the types of houses that have been around for hundreds of years and may actually hold value as people still admire the structure and strive to live in them. Within these houses and cottages is line work so amazing like no other. With giant wood beams, floors and other amazing aspects, these Gothic style homes have much appeal to modern day.
The following piece of art was painted in 1815 and is a beautiful cathedral built cliff-side. One thing that stands out right away are the beautiful colors used in the painting. The large church gives off much of the Gothic style with its bland colors and strategically placed columns and other parts. If we could not establish that this was a painting, it would be truly convincing that this is an actual Gothic church because of how much detail was put into the creation of this work of art.
The last type of structural artwork I chose is this painting. This painting is a night landscape with Gothic ruins. You can clearly see the dark grey sky and background giving this painting an eerie sense of defeat as columns stand within ruins. The columns are perfect in pattern and show great Norman style Gothic features.
This artwork from 1937 is a drawing of a Gothic style bookcase and how it would of looked had it still be around. In detail we can see the style of glass used on the cabinets and the consistent pattern they bring to the overall look.The beautiful carvings and texture of this bookcase give it an extreme look of the Gothic style that will never be re-created.
This glass piece of art is a Gothic sugar bowl with an Arch cover. Designed between 1840 and 1860, this piece of Gothic glass doesn't forget a single detail when trying to stand out. The amazing precision within the patterns and designs of these glass bowls is such an appealing factor that even today people are still a big fan of them.
This nifty artifact is simply just a Gothic style box made of some type of stone. Although not holding a specific usage, it is safe to assume it would be a common household item such as a jewelry box or a place to put little trinkets. One reason why I chose this artifact is because of the nifty little line-work designs all along the box and the different symbols and patterns it holds.
The painting I have last is a great piece of artwork that truly illustrates the inside look of a true Gothic style church or cathedral. Within the painting we can see the consistency of colors flowing throughout and the famous Gothic style columns lining the great halls. The texture of these columns can practically be felt through this painting. This painting is a perfect example of precision within patterns, lines and textures.