Expression through sculptures

Some of the things that caught my eye. CLARE 209 Emily McDonough

I chose this sculpture because it is very interesting. Set on a beach, It begs for attention and discovery. It is designed in a ring shape, hence the title ring.
This Wind Sculpture remind me of the Olympics. I lend this thought to the color scheme. This sculpture is beautiful and elegant. It grabbed my attention immediately due to the shapes and patterns combined to create it.
I love this sculpture. Its earthlike appeal draw me in. This is very realistic to me. Some type of insect/animal was sculpted here. The backdrop seem rocky and adventurous.
This sculpture is very abstract in its look. I love the color scheme. It is very beautiful. This sculpture to me is calming in its nature. It consists of many circular shapes.
The Greek looking sculpture screams natural beauty and character. The natural look flourishes through the nude body only with natural accents such as leaves. This man looks like a champion.
Credits: All media
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