The Expressionism

Expressionism is an artistic movement that seeks the expression of feelings and emotions of the author rather than the representation of objective reality. Reveals the pessimistic side of life generated by historical circumstances. The hidden face of modernization, alignment, isolation, overcrowding. The aim is to strengthen the emotional impact of the beholder distorting and exaggerating the issues. They represent emotions without worrying about external reality, but the inner nature and impressions aroused in the observer. This gallery will show expressionist works, specifically showing the anguish, loneliness and death.

Date of Creation:1889 Medium:Oil Created by:Vincent van Gogh Current Location: New York, New York Owner: Museum of Modern Art This work does not directly show the anguish, but the first impression the viewer gets to this scene is confusion and anguish, the same as Van Gogh suffered when he created.
Artist: Edvard Munch Year: 1893 Type: Oil, tempera, pastel and crayon on cardboard Location: National Gallery, Oslo, Norway The Scream represents the dread of the ominous nature, personal loneliness and anguish, the person doesn´t have a place in the crowd, he is in the emptiness of cosmic immensity.
Author: Edvard Munch Year: 1894 - 1895 Technique: Oil painting Location: National Gallery of Norway, Oslo, Norway This is a work full of sensuality and death, which embodies perfectly the anguish of the painter.
This work shares its title with a celebrated painting of 1793 by the memorialist of the French Revolution, Jacques-Louis David, which showed the revolutionary leader, Jean-Paul Marat, dying in his bath. When David paints Marat dying, there is no sign of the murderess, Charlotte Corday.
In this work it can be seen a group of workers walking,but even though they are all together it seems that each of them is very lonley. The expressions on their faces are in anguish as if something bad had happened.
In this work someone has died and are showing the scene of the funeral. The work is bleak and tragic, people are in a state of sadness.
When this work was created in society the situation was very complicated and the author remembered his legacy through the experiences in that so antagonistic, dark and full of reflections place. In the painting the man has a face of anguish and concern about the situation.
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