Renaissance Perspective

All of the works in this gallery are one-point perspective. In each one, I find myself looking at the very middle of each painting, or the vanishing point.   Therefore; making each a one-point perspective painting.                                                                                                               I saw that every corner or angle, all lines up with the vanishing point.  Only one out of the four has people.  But he still had them placed perfectly.          Each one still has a lot of detail.  They show that the artist really was able to understand and capture one-point perspective.                                                  One point perspective shows 3D objects on a 2D surface using one vanishing point.  This has to deal with the Renaissance because it was how people began to show the world around them.                        They thought that this helped show what the world looked like around them.  Much better than just drawing something and not making it real.                  They were able to show more detail and a new viewing on things.  Helped them become better at what they did.

Credits: All media
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