Water is calming it portrays tranquillity, promotes thinking and provokes happy thoughts. Some paintings chosen are not of water specifically but they look like the ocean and takes your mind to water. My first artwork is of a lake, this shows a couple of boats looking out over the lake and a town in the background. This is a traditional type of water view painting. Then moving onto another landscape but water not being the main feature, however your eye are still drawn to the blue of the painting. The 3rd is not of water itself, but looks like the ocean at midnight. The exhibition so far takes you on a journey and makes the mind think and imagine different types of water bodies using the colour blue as a common factor. We then move away from canvas to sculpture, a beautiful sculpture by the sea keeping with the outdoor theme, we then feature a butterfly, not a painting of the sea but still using the colours of the sea. Next is also not at the ocean, but could be seen as the deep ocean featuring silver fish. Moving onto an entirely different more intricate style artwork. This is very mystical, looking through rainbows and waterfall mist, this creates thoughts of a magical land. Then we come to Stockholm, beautiful deep blues depicting the harbour and the night sky, then into a bright painting with lovely blue water and a white boat. A distinct opposite of Stockholm which was very dark, this is lovely and bright. Then Monet makes us all smile with his use of blue and tones of blue, beautiful art. Now onto pottery an urn featuring a scene, but also whilst not showing a lot of blue it is a vessel for water itself. The largest artwork of Venus the goddess of love rising out of the water. She is in stark contrast to the last 2 artworks which are very modern, they are made with laminatia sheets and are 3d constructions. The journey I hope you have had is one with the use of colour, blue, and in the forms of paint, sculpture and 3d.  

By Tahlia Lavin 8.6

This painting is showing what life was like in 1929 at the West Lake. The simplicity of life is reflected by the artist using oil on canvas. West Lake has been an inspiration for many artists throughout the years.
This artwork is considered the best this artist has produced. He features the beautiful ultra marine colour of the water to represent the crisp autumn weather. Then paints the orange/red onto the panels which instantly identifies autumn leaves and the style of tree typifies Japanese culture.
This photo is very (In your face) but that is a good thing because if an artwork is too plain no one will think anything of it. I like this artwork because it is also over the size of the canvas. The name translates to Tensions Exist which is possibly a reason for the artwork not being a traditional square. This artwork has the look of the deep blue ocean.
A local artwork created locally and just recently. It was used in sculptures by the sea at Bondi in 2014. This exhibition has the coastline of Bondi as it's backdrop. It is made of copper which changes with age so the piece will never look exactly the same. It represents the first bonding look between mother and child.
This butterfly has simple colours but has major detail. The detail in the actual wings is amazing and I think it fits with the water theme because it is blue
This artwork is very plain with only a few colours that can still be beautiful by themselves. The little white marks do draw little attention to the detail, I do like it
This painting is amazing with so many details it does look like something out of a movie. The mist above the mountains makes it come in sync with the rainbow above everything. It reflects the new hope that the artist was feeling.
This painting looks like a shot from a camera on a quiet city night in a plain city. The lights reflecting on the water do bring a little bit of light to the work. But the artist is known as the Blue Painter as he mostly paints in these colours. This is a painting of the large amount of water that exists in the centre of Stockholm, which is where the artist lived his whole life
This artwork is beautiful because of the detail in the rocks and the water and everything else. The white boat is facing away from the rocks and looks like it is ready to go somewhere. This painting makes you feel happy and that is possibly because this was a happy time in the artists life. This is one of many paintings he painted in Javea.
A beautiful painting by Monet. His impressionist brush strokes come together to create the look of shimmering water against the backdrop at the cliffs of Pourville. If you squint the strokes come together and seem to vibrate on the canvas like on a summery day.
The detail on this flask makes it look like there is a battle happening in the water between 2 men and animals. The colour scheme is determining the mood and the colour of the ocean.
Venus is the Goddess of love and is depicted with the scallop shell that she supposedly sailed to shore on, as the story goes. She takes up the whole canvas as she was born from the sea fully grown.
i find this artwork very structural because it looks like waves in a box with a mini stair case in the middle.The box is 3d and you can see everyting that is happening in the photo. The artist uses 2 dimensional photography to create a holographic, 3 dimensional construction. The photos are printed on transparent film and laminated between plastic sheets. The sheets are then stuck together to form a sculpture. This one is a clear box with internal stairs and the blue sea filling the empty space.
Another artwork by Koh in the same style. This one is of a staircase being crashed by water to for, the surface of a fantasy building.
This artwork looks like a tank full of blue water that looks like an ocean. There may be something in the distance that nobody can see, there is a special meaning to this art
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