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This gallery includes artwork from the Baroque time period. The Baroque time period was from 1600 - 1725 and is a representation of Western European music art. In this gallery you will find paintings in the medium of oil paint.  All of the paintings in this gallery are people playing instruments during the Baroque period. 

The subject of Hendrick ter Brugghen's painting A Man Playing a Lute is a nicely dressed man that is playing an instrument called a Lute. The shape of the mans mouth shows that he is singing, and the way his hand is shaped shows that the man is playing the instrument. These two examples of dynamic shapes support the theme of this gallery of people playing instruments during the Baroque art period.
Judith Leyster's painting Boy Playing the Flute depicts a boy playing a flute with a violin in the background. The focus of the painting is the boy playing the flute. His red hate draws your eyes to him rather than the violin hanging on the wall. The movement of the boys fingers on the flute along with the direction of his face shows how the Baroque art period was about movement.
The Five Senses, Hearing painting by Gonzales Coques depicts a man playing the violin. This painting is supposed to represent the sense of hearing. The way the man's hand is on the violin and his other hand is on the violin bow shows that he is playing the violin. This example of dynamic movement is is common to find in the Baroque style art period.
Frans Hals's painting Singing Boy with Flute depicts a nicely dressed boy with his hand raised and a flute in the other. The contrast and the lighting on the boys hands and face, and the shape of the boys hand shows movement. Baroque period artwork consisted of strong emphasis and movement, and Frans Hals's Singing Boy with Flute contains these characteristics.
Hendrick ter Brugghen's painting Bagpipe Player depicts a man playing the bagpipe. The man's shape shows that he is leaning into the bagpipe. The shape of the mans upper body shows that he his pushing towards the bagpipe with his chest while the shape of the man's hands shows that he is squeezing the bag pipe. This is ann example of dynamic movement , which is one of the biggest things that the Baroque period had to do with.
This painting depicts a man sitting down playing a Virginal. You can tell that he is playing a Virginal because the shape of his hands are similar to the same shape as some one's hands who is playing a piano. The shape of the man's hands show movement like he is playing the instrument. The direction of the man's face and the lighting on the man's face show that he is turned away while he's playing the instrument.
The Portrait of an Unidentified Woman, Playing the Harpsichord depicts a woman playing a piano like instrument called the Harpsichord. There is strong contrast in this painting that draws your attention to the woman playing the Harpsichord. The shape of her left hand and this position on it shows that she is playing the instrument. One of the main themes during the Baroque period was movement, and this painting is an example of movement by using shapes and objects to show the movement.
Gerrit Dou's painting A Woman Playing a Clavichord depicts a woman sitting near the window playing her clavichord. The contrast in the painting shows the light coming through the window and shining onto the subject of the painting. The different variety of textures of this painting show that different objects in this painting is made of different materials. This painting is part of the Baroque period and shows movement from the woman playing her instrument.
Judith Leyster's painting The Concert depicts three people as the subject of the painting. Two are males that are playing stringed instruments, and the other is a woman who is singing. The color of the background is plain and it draws your attention to the three musicians, and doesn't take away from the musicians movements. The shape of the musicians men's hand show the movement like they are playing their stringed instruments. The shape of all of the musicians mouths along with the different directions of the musicians eyes show that they are singing along with each other. The movement of all of the musicians shows that this painting is part of the Baroque art period.
Niccolo Renieri's painting Musical Society depicts three woman, all of which are Niccolo's daughters, creating music. Niccolo uses strong contrast that puts the light on the woman's faces and costumes. The shape of thee woman's hands and mouths show that they are either playing an instrument or singing. The strong contrast and the examples of movement describes this painting as part of the Baroque art period.
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