I chose texture for my art gallery's subject.

The texture in this one is pretty obvious. The is wrapped in a fuzzy material. The shading makes this piece look very realistic and allows the texture to pop.
I chose this on simply because of the ruffles in her skirt. This is a beautiful example of texture. The lovely shading makes us feel the skirt has real ruffles.
I chose this because the the texture on the top of the building. The slats in the wood are highlighted and their texture draws your eye.
This piece was included because of the amazingly detailed foreground. The bushes and the grass appear layered and the rocks have rough edges.
I chose this piece because you really can see the hair like texture on the horse's coat. Each hair is highlighted and you can see where the hairs transition into longer hairs.
This piece is an amazing example of texture. The rocks appear to have broken off of the mountain and rolled down the hill pulling gravel with it.
This piece is included because of the different kind of texture. The furniture and floor has an interesting wood like texture.
The texture in this piece is really visible throughout. From the bricks to her dress it demonstrates beautiful texture.
I chose this piece because of the stone work in the background. You can see the different textures throughout the piece.
This piece is included because of the texture throughout. The amazing totem poles look beautifully carved instead of painted.
Texture in this painting is everywhere. This hill side pops off the canvas with amazing texture.
While this is a slightly different style than many of the other pieces, it still is an excellent example of texture. Again, the totems seem carved instead of painted.
This arrangement is showing nice texture. You can see the different layers of different flowers and their petals.
I chose this piece because texture is present throughout. From the cow's hair to the grass texture is represented in this piece well.
The texture in this one is most represented in the trees and leaves. They appear layered and realistic.
Credits: All media
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