degas and van gogh

This painting is similar to Vincent Van Gogh's "In the cafe: Agostina Segatori in Le Tambourin" because in both photos it shows a woman sitting in a cafe at a table with a drink.
This painting is similar to Edgar Degas's painting In a Cafe. The scene is quite similar but also the color scheme is dark and dreary which is a similar characteristic of the art.
I am contrasting Vincent Van Gogh's The Weaver to Edgar Degas's painting At the Races in the Countryside. In The Weaver the color scheme has red in it but it also has a darker color scheme including dark greens, blacks, and dark browns.
In this artwork you can see it is different than the weaver because the colors are much lighter than they are in that picture making this painting seem more welcoming. This painting is also more spacious than Weaver because everything is far apart instead of being close together.
Credits: All media
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