Sweet, Corrupted Little Children 

These children have done nothing wrong and had no intentions of doing something wrong, therefore making them innocent. These pictures show how easily a child's innocence gets corrupted, even though they try to hold onto it as long as possible.

Everyone is concerned for the little girl that is laying on the ground; she looks unconscious. The girl probably did not do anything wrong to deserve what has happened to her.
Romeo and Juliet just want to be with each other because they are in love. Unfortunately, their parents will not let them see each other.
Jesus is being crucified for being a descendant from God; the people decided to kill him for the reasoning of just not liking him.
The little girl is doing no harm to anyone and is just sleeping.
The children in the pool are doing no harm to anyone. They are friends and family and are enjoying themselves.
The innocent little boy was only trying to play with his older brother's toys, but his brother got mad when he made his room messy.
The child is sleeping with his mother; he is doing no harm and resting peacefully by her side.
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