William Anderson - Love in color

In this gallery, I intend to show you how love can be depicted through various forms of art in colorful and beautiful ways. We've all experienced love in one way or another. For many of us, love can take on different forms. It can be beautiful, tragic, incredible or heartbreaking. But regardless of what form it takes, love is something that is experienced by all of us throughout our lives and is something to be celebrated and cherished. I intend to do exactly that with this gallery. 

This is what appears to be cubism depicting what I believe to be a woman falling apart, as sex without love can often lead to emptiness. With the colors and theme, this fits my gallery.
This is a depiction of Greek Gods celebrating love for one another on the island of love. The colors are beautiful, and the theme perfectly matches what I am trying to depict.
This miniature painting shows Radha and Krishna in the boat of love. The contrasting colors help this painting pop out. It's themes are evident, and it leaves you wanting to learn more about the artists intentions.
Though this painting is the most ambiguous of my choices, I believe it is my favorite. The mere thought of a kettle falling in love leads me to believe we are witnessing a kettle in a happy environment.
The eiffel tower is one of the most universally recognized symbols of love. While it's colors are not bright, I wanted to depict paintings with duller colors too.
This painting of a woman can't help but fill the viewer with a feeling of joy and satisfaction. It's bright colors symbolize youth and happiness. This perfectly depicts love to me.
Paris is the city of love, and this painting of Paris has colors that pop off the canvas. I believe it beautifully depicts a feeling of warmth.
In close competition for Paris for a favorite place for lovers is Venice. The way the canals are depicted and people going on about their day shows me opportunity for happiness and satisfaction. Gorgeous!
Not all love is innocent or happy. This colorful depiction of two lovers embracing as they both prepare each others demise is a perfect representation of what often comes after the honeymoon phase.
What better way to represent love than that of the heart of Jesus? This colorful image depicts the Virgin Mary as well as the heart of Christ. Both are showcasing the purist and most ideal form of love.
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