Animals in Nature

This gallery shows many different interpretations as to where animals might lurk. The pieces show how animals have helped mankind on both, a decorative level and a functional level. Each piece shows different animals and their many different behaviors. 

I chose this piece because the title of it, "A Secret of the Forest," interested me. I thought the title gave an interesting inquiry of what a forest might hold inside, and the painting made it more mysterious and enticing. Looking at it makes me wonder what creatures may be looking back. This would be considered fine art because it appeals to you more visually and emotionally rather than having an important purpose.
I liked this piece because I thought it was an interesting way of making a basket. It reminds me more of a bird's nest, and I like the natural "outdoorsy" feeling that it provokes. This piece would be considered a craft because it has a purpose. While it is visually appealing, it is also made to hold things and to be able to carry things with ease.
I liked this piece because when I looked at it, it reminded me of a conversation I had a while back. This painting seems to be more serious and meaning to conjure feelings of fright or wild-like behavior, but it made me think of the fun conversation that brightened my day. I liked how my feelings were opposite of what the painting meant them to be. This piece would be a fine art because it is meant to show an artist's point of view of how animals behave in wildlife.
I like this painting because the title, "Birds and Beasts in a Flowery Landscape," gives you the sense that it might be violent, but it shows different creatures and plants that are co-existing with each other and are bounding about gracefully. This piece would be considered a fine art because it is visually appealing and it is solely decorative.
I chose this piece because I like pigs, and I thought this pyxis did an interesting job of depicting what a pig looks like. This piece would be considered a craft because it is used for decorative purposes, but it can also be used to hold small items or trinkets.
Credits: All media
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