color assignment 

I choose this picture because it is mostly all warm colors except the one cool color, blue, it has all complimentary colors and it is monochromatic with the reds.
I chose this picture because it has many different type of colors, warm and cool, tertiary, secondary and primary colors. this is a very colorful piece and it shows the artist was happy .
This has a lot of cool colors but in the middle there is warm colors, all of these colors are all primary colors.
I love this piece because it is different shades of blue, which is a cool color and that is the only colors except for the white which doesn't count as a color.
These piece is all secondary cool colors, it's a very happy piece and you can just tell the artist was happy.
This piece has a lot of different tints of red but it also has some black in it which I love.
This piece has many different kinds of colors, in the background there are different shapes of worm colors and the primary shapes are cool colors.
This piece has so many colors! it has warm and cool, different kinds of color tints and color shades. But then I love this different change white the big spot of white.
This piece has many different tints of red but also has white and black which don't count because they are mixing colors.
This piece is all cool colors, but the primary shapes and black and white, mixing colors.
Credits: All media
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