Tree Blossum

My gallery will include paintings of trees in nature. I feel that trees can be so beautiful and there could be different meanings to every panting because of where the setting of the trees are. My paintings will show that God made things in nature a beautiful thing.

The Pink Peach Tree, Vincent van Gogh, 1888, From the collection of: Van Gogh Museum
Thie tree represents independents because he is alone on the hill. It is winter so there is snow every where. He used slow brush strokes witch is his style. Vincent van Gogh is the artist. He painted it in 1888. the mood is peaceful.
The Pink Orchard, Vincent van Gogh, March 1888 - 1888, From the collection of: Van Gogh Museum
In this painting it looks like all the trees were burned and only one tree is growing the leafs back. His medium is lite brushstrokes with paint. It draws my attention because only one tree has leafs. The artist painted it in 1888 by Vincent van Gogh. He worked on it for a month. The painting is every creative. there are no symbols but the mood is coming back to life.
Autumn Leaves, Yokoyama Taikan, 1931, From the collection of: Adachi Museum of Art
The painting in is about serenity. The medium is paper and a pair of six panel screens. I chose this because it is a cool painting of a tree with the clouds, water, and a bird to add to the feeling of the tree. I like the paint colors that Yokoyama Taikan used. Yokoyama Taikan is Japanese. The mood is calm. The symbol is the bird because it is the only one and it represents peace.
The old Spruce in Bad Gastein, Rudolf von Alt, 1899, From the collection of: Leopold Museum
The painting is about the artist journeys. The median is watercolor and gouache paper. I chose this because It represents mountain life and I love the mountains. The symbol is the person gardening. The mood is adventurous because he was on an adventure.
Oaks at a lake with Water Lilies, Jacob Isaackszoon van Ruisdael, around 1652, From the collection of: Gemäldegalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
This is when the trees are changing and some are slowly dying. The medium was oil on canvas. I chose this painting is different than the rest and could be anything you want. The style is Dutch. The artist painted it around 1652 and was a dutch landscape painter and etcher. The symbol is the tree falling. The mood is change.
Beech Grove I, Gustav Klimt, 1902, From the collection of: New Masters Gallery, Dresden State Art Collections
This forest is in the fall and all the leafs are on the floor. I chose this because it is a new way of looking at trees at one of there beautiful stages. If you look closely the leafs on the ground are just tiny marks by the painter name Gusta Klimt. He was born in 1902. He was just a normal guy who liked to paint. The symbol is the leafs on the floor it shows it is fall. The mood is warm because it is fall and you think of warm clothes.
The Ponte Delle Torri, Spoleto, Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1840, From the collection of: Tate Britain
I chose this because I like how I can see the tree well. The painting is about recognizing the trees beauty and not just being focused on building things like the bridge. The medium is oil on canvas. The style is burly and smudged. The artist is Joseph Mallord William Turner and he painted the picture based on a town in Umbria. The symbol is the bridge. the mood is sad.
Trees, Artist: Master of I-nen Seal, mid 17th century, From the collection of: Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
This painting is about showing the different type of trees. The medium is ink, color and gold on paper. i chose it because it had many trees and some that you couldn't make out. the painting is very clear and well done . The artist Master of I-nen Seal and love trees. The symbol is the many trees. The mood is happy.
Small pear tree in blossom, Vincent van Gogh, April 1888 - 1888, From the collection of: Van Gogh Museum
This painting is about change. I chose this because the tree is blossoming just like the title of my gallery. The mood is excited for the change.The medium is oil on canvas. The symbol is the flowers it is stating that the seasons are starting to change. Vincent van Gogh painted this April 1888. It only took him one month to paint it. He was born 1853 and died 1890. His painting is clear and easy to like .
Solitary Tree, Caspar David Friedrich, 1822, From the collection of: Alte Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
The painting is about farming and it is in an open space. The medium is oil on canvas. i chose it because it is very inspiring. The style Romantik and it is beautiful. The artist is Caspar Davod Friedrich and he painted it in 18822. The symbol is the open space because it is nature.
Walls of China, Russell Drysdale, (1945), From the collection of: Art Gallery of New South Wales
The painting is about how things look after a war or a dry seasons. The medium is oil on hardboard. I chose this because it says something more than a beautiful tree. The style is nice and smooth. The artist is Russell Drysdale and painted it in 1945. He painted it because of the dry seasons in a year of sever drought. The symbol is the tree dying it shows that something bad is or has happened. The mood is sad because you want to help the tree or people me.
Building Site with Willows, Adolph Menzel, 1846, From the collection of: Alte Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
The leafs look like they are waving so I think it is about the wind coming. The medium is oil on canvas. I chose it because it has a story behind it not just a tree. The style is realism and looks great. The artist Adolph Menzel painted it in 1846 and he painted it because the wind was so pretty. The symbol is the leafs moving. The mood is quiet.
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