Color with shading 

This art reminded me of those slide image puzzles, and the use of different shades of blues makes this art interesting.
The amount of detail in the clouds is what attracted to this art, also the depiction of the gods.
The use of the bright orange and yellow really make the two figures in the middle stand out.
The use of certain shades of green makes me believe the the outer part of the plant was exposed to the light rather than the inside of the plant, which the color is vibrant.
I love the color in this art, the color on her body resemble the color you see in a bubble.
I liked this artwork because the use of different colors makes it possible to not use hard lines.
The dark colors in this artwork makes believe oh dark the room actually is.
I love drawing still life, and in this piece the of color in the vase seems realistic.
I love the shade of green in this piece, it almost resemble neon.
The use of dark colors in this piece show the emotion behind it.
I like how the color in the background makes the flower stick out.
The orange in this piece makes me believe that the mountain in the middle is sand.
I live the use of greens in the leaves of the tree, it gives it a cartoonish look.
The use of blues for the water in this piece is phenomenal and makes the water realistic.
I love this kind of art where if a piece in the art intersects with another it shows the piece as if it was see through.
Credits: All media
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