The Prepossessing Line Art

The Way Art Forms.

I chose this one because I like how the painter took squiggly lines and made them relevant to a painter like so. Im going to be honest with you, squiggly lines are not that cool and he made it cool.
I chose this painting because I like black, white, and grey and that he put little speckles of colors in the painting. Its like my favorite colors really, white, black, and grey and just enough color.
It's not much to say about this one, I chose it because its very appealing to me for some odd reason and also its made with lines and thats just a bonus.
First and for most blue is my favorite color so I was immediately attracted to this painting and all I wear is gold I really don't like silver for real so its like two of my favorite colors in one.
I this one because to me its hard to do these type of lines because I'm easy to loose track of some and these are line on lines that you got to keep track of and make look perfect.
This was chose because not much shown but a lot was said in this painting. Why I say that? because it looks like its tell me it's a beach. Yellow=Sand Blue and Purple=Sea Red=Houses.
Two reason why this was chosen because it look really real at first sight and the second is because he made all of this with lines and thats just amazing to me.
How he made color flow in this painting is just beautiful to me and he made a sheep in the middle of the painting with the colors and thats pretty cool to me also. I actually didn't notice it at first.
This one is cool to me because he created motion out of lines which is pretty amazing to me to look at. Also the colors just works with this painting well.
I like this one because he everything is a square or a rectangle or a circle or some odd shape to make the painting.
This one was specifically nice to me because he bolded the line and really brung out the actually painting.
Not much thought of for this painting and thats the main thing I like about this painting and also the vibrant yellow backdrop. It really stuck out from the usual painting with all the colors.
This another painting with the same tactic with bolding the lines in a painting but this one is way nicer than the other because its in way more detailed and plus I really like the greek mythology and thats obvious what this is.
This painting is really nice to me because he used very dark colors and dark colors is my field, I like bright colors but not much for real.
Im a pretty straight forward guy and this painting is definitely straight forward to me three colors, pointed edges and a very calm backdrop and thats nice and soothing to me.
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