gallery of Fine arts

 This gallery consists of artworks that include portraits, illustrations of past events, and paintings of beautiful places from all over the world. 

I enjoy the use of shadows and the use of lighting seen past the trees.I liked how the space and the scenery give the viewer a broad perspective of what was going on in the picture.
The bright colors in this piece pop so well that the viewer can't help but to drawn to this picture. The value of this artwork supports the levels of contrast, the darker shading allowing the brighter shades to pop.
Because the colors are so complementary to one another, the unity in this painting gives the piece a sense of completeness. This piece has such emphasis to it, your eyes can't help but to be drawn to it.
The texture of the painting adds to the overall value of the piece. The brush strokes seems to allow the viewer to get a gist of the atmosphere presented in the painting.
I like the use of light in this picture, it seems to be focused on the high points of the picture and the man who seems to be the center of the painting. The use of shadows make the center of the painting pop.
The use of color in this piece allows the viewers eyes to be drawn to it. The brightness from the lamp helps to embrace the perspective in the painting with its shadowed background which adds tot eh value to the picture.
In this painting there is emphasis on the falls in the distance. Due to her light hues in this painting, the viewers eyes head straight to the misty scene and wide waters of Niagara.
Through the contrast in colors,bright and dim, there is a since of unity that adds value to this piece. The vast scenery and use of scale adds perspective to the artwork.
The use of proportion along with the texture and brush strokes in the painting is key. These properties make the painting seem very realistic.
The contrast of the different hues used in this picture balance the painting. The lines embody a sense of unity and softness.
The use of space brings a broad perspective to the painting, it adds a sensual flare the piece.The scale an balance make the painting more realistic.
The proportion used in this painting balances the sizes between the leaves and the berries. The texture seen through the brush strokes really defines the piece.
The texture her hair, clothing and furniture really brings out the rest of the simple aspects of the painting. The line structure in this picture show depth.
The shapes emphasized in this painting express depth and make the painting appear two dimensional. The unity in this painting make it make the painting harmonious.
The range of dark hues of the trees, farm and everything in site allow the sky and shimmer of the water pop. The artists also puts a lot of detail into this painting. You can see the boats on the water, the people working on thier land and details on the houses etc.
The different brush strokes emphasize texture in the trees and the water. The artist pays close attention to detail, for example if you zoom in on this piece you're able to see the detailing in the leaves and the animals drinking from the lake.
I like the soft colors in this piece because the background is soft enough to where it brings out the Elk. The proportions are done nicely; the Elk in the background along with the two main Elk create a balanced scale.
The contrast between the bright red on the birds and the very pale colors in this artworks makes you focus on this piece. You can see that this art piece isn't painted, it's drawn and has detailed engravings in it.
The texture on this sculpture is very detailed. The hair and clothing on this sculpture emphasizes the piece and makes it realistic.
The shall wrapped around the top of the sculpture is made to look like it has texture. I like how the artist took this and made it look like silk. It makes the sculpture pop a lot more than it would if it was just a plain bottom half.
I like the detailing of this stone sculpture, the softness brings out the fine detailing going on in it.
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