Turkish people were forced to walk across the Mesopotamian desert as a death walk. They were given nothing, no food and no water.
Armenians were forced to leave everything behind in order to survive. Unfortunately most of them died of thirst or starvation, or got captured and killed by Turkish people.
Armenia is one of the world's oldest countries.
Armenia was the first country to have adopted Christianity as its state religion.
The first church ever built was built in Armenia
During the genocides and massacres people didn't just die because of bullets and starvation, people also died of diseases
At the time the genocides weren't illegal as a matter of fact genocide wasn't even a word back then.
Armenia is in the southern Caucasus and is the one of the smallest former Soviet republics.
The Armenian genocide began on April 24, 1915.
Armenians and Turks still don't get along today. There are many uprisings.
Armenia is surrounded by almost all Islamic regions.
Armenians worship Mt. Arat.
Mt. Arat is the countries national symbol.
Armenia is known for its' cognac.
Armenia is known as Hayk in native Armenian language.
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