I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. - Josh Diamond

This image here shows a variety of lines radiating away from a few giant red lines. There are different colored lines in order to show where they are in the picture.
This painting shows a man made up of a variety of shapes. The different colored shapes give off a sense of depth. Smaller shapes are used for smaller objects, such as the pen.
This watercolor painting here is of a cathedral. There are many colors depicted in this painting, giving it a vibrant look. Some colors are darker than others, representing shading and texture.
This painting here shows off many patterns of texture on many surfaces. For instance, the wall has granite and etches put onto it, making it look old and craggy. The water has ripples in it as well.
The photograph here demonstrates an area of accumulative space. We can see up close and afar, to the horizon. There are many buildings, each getting smaller and smaller as you look farther away.
This drawing here demonstrates form. As you can see, there are many 3-dimensional cubes with different colored sides. There are no lines in this painting, meaning that they are implied.
This enhanced photograph demonstrates the value scale, showing of different values depending on the sides of the mountain. The sun is the light source and determines whether there is light or darkness
Credits: All media
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