Natures Beauty: the texture in nature. James baugus

In these photos, I will be showing you just how beautiful nature is around the world through many different areas of  art work. Through out this gallery you will notice different textures and movement and how it makes nature feel alive, beautiful, peaceful, tranquil and breath taking. You will be able to see just how beautiful nature really is. 

In this wonderful and very peaceful art piece you can feel how the movement of the tree branches and leaves make you feel like you are on top of a high cliff feeling the wind and the sounds of wind rushing through the leaves. The color helps you feel and understand the beauty of the tree and the beauty of the water below.
The texture of this piece makes it feel much more real. The movement of the clouds as time passes through the mountains gives you the chill of being on the mountain tops. The pattern through out this piece of art helps make the piece more elaborate and more beautiful. As time passes by, nature changes in its own beautiful way, and its beautiful to see it.
The color of and contrast of this piece gives you different feelings. feelings of beauty and feelings of worry. The texture of this piece makes the art seem more beautiful and more elaborate. the way that the clouds blend in with the dragon in this piece of art helps make the art even more beautiful.
In this art piece, you see something that is very special. The sun is red, which isn't usually how the sun looks. Since they made the sun red, it added a little bit more of perspective into this painting. not very many cultures make the sun red which is what makes this piece even more beautiful.
The texture in this piece is just amazing. The texture in the dead plants around it make it seem so real that its almost like you are there actually being able to touch the dead plants. The color of the live one adds a special beauty of how beautiful life is. The color white stands out so much its almost a great comparison to life and death.
This art piece is so peaceful. The contrast of the clouds add a peaceful feeling as well as how high this piece is portrayed to be. The color at the top of the mountain shows that it is so close to the heavens that snow is built up on the top.
The pattern of colors in this art piece is one of the best ways to bring yourself to peace. The bright colors that are easy to digest bring a peacefulness of the their own. The pattern of the fog or clouds helps give an early morning peace about. the color of the water helps show a calmness in the water and light breeze throughout the land.
The texture of this piece helps bring it to life. The way that the mist from the waterfall is detailed so well it helps bing it to life. The pattern of colors not the rocks helps make it appear to be more beautiful. The pattern of the water hitting the rocks helps give a much more serious look and feel to this piece of wonderful art. It's a contrasting piece of peace and rage.
The color of this piece helps identify the peacefulness of night. By the orange color at the bottom of the art piece you can see that it is at the time when the sun is almost fully set and night is just now beginning. The dark color in the top gives a reassuring feeling of peace and tranquillity.
The light colors in this art piece help make the feeling of peace and tranquility much more life-like. The color of the water makes it look healthy and wonderful. The pattern of fog that rolls over the hillside helps give it an everlasting feeling. It helps give a feeling that time is out of reach of this area.
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