Religion in The renaissance -Lavarius Lorick

This gallery contains representations of religion, mainly Christ and Christianity that was depicted through out the renaissance era. There quite a few images of Christ, different events such as the battle with the rebel angels, and even structures that where referenced to in the bible are in this gallery.

King Nimrod and his entourage posing as builders in the lower left corner of the picture are standing in front of the infamous Tower of Babel. The story goes that king nimrod wanted to build a might city with a mighty tower that would reach high into the heavens.
This Painting is about the great battle described in the bible in revelations Between the angels in heaven and the fallen angels on earth. The painting shows the Archangel St. Micheal leading the angels in heaven against the kingdom of darkness.
These figures are of Adam and Even in the Bible from genesis. Eve Ate the fruit from the forbidden tree and sinned. She also Persuaded Adam as well even against his better judgement. For this alone they were punished.
In this Image the artist painted Jesus Christ on The cross. I read And noticed how the artist illustrated him facing away from his feet where the carnage and stench of death had lain. The artist said it was his his triumph over death it self.
The artist says this painting represents The virgin and child(assuming Mary And baby Jesus). But the author said this painting had symbolic meaning to it and i quote "The various fruits in the bowl have a symbolic meaning, the cherries allude to the blood of Christ, the plums to the love between Mother and Child, the figs to the Salvation or the Resurrection. The nails and the crown of thorns (perhaps not original) evoke the Passion of Christ.
Lot is illustrated fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah upon destruction. Lot's wife is destroyed for disobeying god instructions on not to turn back during their departure.
This image illustrates Christ deposition when he is in his mothers arms and is basically being mourn after his removal from the cross.
This is another illustration like the previous with Christ in his mother arms after being removed from the cross. However this picture seem a little more emotional and dramatic than the last.
This Illustration is of our lord and savior being baptized in the Jordan River. The picture shows saint John slightly pouring water on Christ's head.
This Picture is an image of the Crown Jesus Christ was forced to wear made of thorns as he was lead to his crucifixion. Something interesting about this photo is that the artist said and i quote "Christ's features were miraculously imprinted on the fabric"
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