This is a sheet metal amulet colored gold and represents the God Bes. Its represents his spirit as he was the God of animals. This was made as a offering to the God and was believed to be sacred.
This lion is made of stone and is holding a vessel and this represents on of the Pharaohs as lions were his favorite animal and he is holding an ancient vessel that the Pharaoh wanted to die with.
This is a clay owl that was also made for a pharaoh and he had this made because he loved owls and he though the owl described him because like the owl he was a good and wise leader.
This is a metal vase and was made for a pharaoh and was passed down for centuries and was finally buried with King Tut. He had it buried with him because it had been in his family for years.
This chair is made of wood and was used in temples by Pharaohs and was also believed to be used by Gods if they would be at the temple for offerings and was used for years.
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