Easy on the eyes

My name is Eric Moreno, I am a Full Sail University student. This is a work that has paintings that I like to look at. I don't have a specific theme to this gallery, Just works that I love to look at. 

This great work of art is one that has great images of people walking, siting and laying around a beautiful river bed. The images of trees in the back ground look tall and healthy. Great image with great color.
This painting has a beautiful picture of trees right along the side of a river bed. looking that they are close to the fall time frame. The buildings in the back ground give the image of a city that lies close to the river. The look of the mirror image on the bottom of the painting gives the image of water.
This painting has the image of a home on the side of a mountain side. This is given with the image of rocks. The man standing is looking up with his arms a little out. This gives the image of him praying. in the back ground there is what looks to be an ox or a cow. Behind that there looks like more homes that rest along the mountain side.
This great painting is of a man sitting on a rock tending to his flock of sheep. the is facing down as if he is sleeping or occupied with something else in his hand. you can see the images of sheep along with him. in the background you can see beautiful mountains that are so inviting that it makes you want to go to them.
This painting has a lot of people painted on it. It looks to be a painting of an outdoor party, or even some sort of out door event. Seeing the people dancing gives me the presentation that there might be some music at that party.
The colors in this painting give the imagery of water and lily pads resting on the water. On the some of the lilies there are some flowers that give the painting some great color, not just blue and green. This is a great painting.
This is a great painting of a parade or a carnival. The people sitting on the stands and on the balcony of the building, look on to the parade. The parade has a lot of people walking and on horses covered in colorful garments.
What caught my eye about this painting was the mountain in the background. Looking at the mountain then moved my eye to the little river below the mountain. Just below the river, you can see a small bridge. There looks to be a road that has a small group of people next to it with great trees all along the painting.
The painting has a nice little river going along the bottom of the painting to the side of it. What caught my attention with this painting is the images of some thing that looks like smoke plums coming from the ground up. This gives me the reason to believe that there could be a war going on close to what might be a small city.
What a great image of a small road that turns into a forest. The trees has colors of green and some red. This tells me that it might be close to fall. The trunks of the trees have the image of being so grand and full of life.
Credits: All media
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