Captured History and its Beauty

In this Gallery there are paintings of how conflict has run-through history there is still beauty to find and hold. Even at different times in history there is always something going on but the land has still taken us away from those things. 

This painting shows the trials of war. In this painting he detail is very accurate. the texture looks rough probably to give you that feeling if truth,
Here is the conquest of Siberia. A place so cold the painting had a dark perspective not only for what is going on but for the land as well. This was a big movement in history for Siberia.
Even when things are bad there are still things to look towards. The texture in this painting has a feeling of fresh air and a slight breeze. Then the beauty of nature just pulls you in.
Not all places were safe. Even the sea can be difficult. Not only does this painting show the battles at sea but it shows how the sea can turn as well. The movements here show the difficulties at sea.
Away from it all. The perspective of this painting shows the distance you from everything but still makes you feel relaxed. Nature once again takes you away.
The perspective of this painting seems of everyday life. Now when I look at it I see that with women working and a man riding on a horse. Then I look into the distance and see what is really there.
Even with the bad around there is still something here. The contrast of this painting shows that it is simple. then the history of it just reminds you of what was happening.
The tropics were a relaxing place that everyone vacations too. The contrast brings out the different colors and really brings the colors to life. Also the person really shows how big everything is.
Another part of the world with beautiful landscape. Here the perspective shows how beautiful the area is but there is still danger. The lion blending into the brush makes you think.
Here the painting shows every day life on the river. even during this time there were still problems but the artist was showing the trivial things. The contrast of the nature is beautiful.
Credits: All media
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