1. Her house is broken down 2. Her kids are dirty and very skinny 3. her and her kids have very bad clothing
1. The man is searching through the dump 2. He is looking for food or other useful stuff 3. He does not look well off at all
1. They are a large family in a small house 2. They have to sell paintings for a living 3. They do not look well fed
1. The children are standing in rubble 2. They have to go to a church in a rundown building 3. They have ragged clothes on
he/she lives in a shack he/she has to sell their bread to live They live out in the middle of nowhere
1. the kid is standing in the sand alone 2. The picture is named waiting for better days 3. She is by herself with no one around to comfort her
1. the kids look very tired 2. They look underfed 3. They only have a doll as their friend
1. He is sleeping on the sidewalk 2. He is wearing shoes that are way to big for him 3. he has loose and torn clothes on him
1. The children are dirty 2. they have loose clothes on 3. Their mother is nowhere to be seen
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