Nepal and Pakistan's culture

Some of the last few remaining nomads in Nepal carry their few belongs up this mountainside.
The nomads have often have no shoes or other things that we see as basic necessities. This individual has tied a cloth around their foot to try to prevent further injury to their foot.
This painting depicts a Buddhist teacher in Tibet teaching a numerous amount of people about his culture.
It is said that after a parent dies, the highest way you can repay them is by making one of these intricate sculptures.
Nepal is on a very powerful fault line, but their resilience keeps their culture alive and well against all odds.
This is one of the oldest pieces of Pakistan's culture and depicts a bull.
Even these people need a break from time to time, and toys were a way for them to unwind in 2500 BC.
This individual is most likely homeless and undeniably poor, and he suffers by his now vanquished fire wishing for a new life.
A key event that is the main reason for most of Pakistan's problems was the partition of Pakistan and India as seen here. This led to the bloody battles that we see in the past, and even today.
This man has been buried alive as a form of torture. We are unsure why he is there, but it depicts the brutality of some individuals in this area.
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