American Art

This shows the relationship between the different races and helps show the tender issue of slavery and what affect it had on the people.
This was the perfect painting to show how nature was view. America was depicted as being very majestic and exotic, but at the same time it was very wild.
I liked the industrialization aspect to this painting. The building in the back polluting the beautiful blue sky is such a great way of showing the type of living conditions at this time.
I liked how this painting showed the beginning of change in America and it sort of foreshadows what technology will do for the world in the future.
This is another great relation between civilization and nature. in the lower right corner is a steam boat on the water, an impressive creation by man, but next to the dark storm clouds above it seems very small and insignificant.
I felt that this poem could be interpreted as a painting about the American dream. It is just an artist in his studio, but it goes along with this idea that by small means great accomplishments can be achieved.
To me this painting was a good example of showing what was to be expected of a lady at this time. It's a sweet, submissive depiction.
Credits: All media
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