The year of our lord (Kyle Scott)

This gallery will focus on work that is directed towards religion, specifically Jesus Christ. There will be art work from when Jesus was a infant, all the way until he was crucified. Also, all work will have been made after Jesus's death which will be known as A.D. which is latin for Year of our Lord. 

This piece of art by Simon Bening was created from 1525-1530. It is a picture of Jesus surrounded by a group of men who appear to be doctors. This painting is full of color and creativity. The artist put emphasis on how Jesus is in the center of the building as the doctors surround him.
Jesus Mocked by the Soldiers is a painting that was created by Edouard Manet in 1865. This picture shows the soldiers taunting Jesus as he is on his way to being crucified. The artist went with mostly darker colors with a black background meanwhile the only light shown is on Jesus.
This glass muriel of Jesus as a boy, with his earthly father Joseph. This picture is unique because it is showing the bond that Jesus and his earthly father Joseph had together. It is also using A lot of different colors adding brightness to the picture.
This piece created by Lodovico Mazzolino is a painting of The Twelve-Year-Old Jesus Teaching in the Temple. This picture is significant because it is a painting of Jesus teaching as a young child to people who are older than him. Also, the artist decided to paint with orangish, brownish colors to give the picture its look.
This picture created by Ambrosius Benson is entitled The Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus in a Shirt. It is a painting of Jesus as a infant child as the Virgin Mary is holding him. This picture shows how someone who came to save the world can come in such a small package. Also, the artist used darkish brown colors in the picture to give it it's tone.
This picture created by A Anonymous artist is a picture of Saint Rose of Lima with Child Jesus. The artist really used dark colors to give it it's tone but used bright colors for the clothing and the skin.
St. Joseph with Baby Jesus was a piece created by Valentin Metzinger. And it is a piece that shows Jesus with his earthly father Joseph. The picture was created with dark colors with the light colors only being on the skin. The artist using dark colors gives off a slight of dark tone to the picture.
Jesus amongst the Doctors of the Law is a painting by the Master of Sigena. This painting shows Jesus surrounded by doctors of the law or most likely in today's terms Lawyers. The picture gives of a reddish tone almost as of royalty as most of their clothes are painted with the color red.
This picture The Agony in the Garden is a picture created by Simon Bening. This picture shows Jesus and a couple of his disciples resting in a garden. The artist did a great job of creating a garden rich in green colors with Jesus resting in white while the others are sleeping in colorful clothing.
This picture created by Jacob Kohl is a painting Jesus getting his feet washed by a women with her tears and getting them dried off with her hair. This picture is painted in brownish and reddish colors with Jesus's wardrobe being in mostly red.
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