Inherited Inequality

The ideals of inferiority and superiority has been ingrained in the make up of our being, it is the very foundation of our executive power, and has caused the deterioration of our humanity. Historically there has never been any scenario where every being was considered equal to one another. The aspects that help us distinguish he from she , rich from poor, and black from white has been used to separate and exploit the characteristic of the individual. Inequality has contrive to create a lasting impression of cultural genocide and self hatred. This project will explore three routes of inequality ( race, gender and class) to determine whether inequality is a force of nature or an inherited characteristic of our society that has been passed on. Additionally,  examining the role of those in power to oppress, but also taking an objective look at the role of those being opposed. 

According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau ,there are two types of inequality that have been explored previously " Natural and Physical" (1). The idea is that nature has divided us according to skin color, gender, and level of " sophistication". While Physical inequality are the institutions that keep those " natural" divides in place. Looking back on the colonization of Native Americans and Africans. There were vast differences between the culture of the natives and the white europeans who explored these countries which in turn caused a wide spread sense of entitlement. " Nature commands every animal, and the beast obeys. Man experiences the same impression, but he realizes that he is free to acquiesce or to resist, and it is above all the consciousness of this freedom that the spirituality of his soul is shown”(1). The natural man with their foreign tongues and colorful culture "exhibited" animal like behavior which was deemed immeasurable to the style of Europeans. Through this idea, savage man just like an animal were meant to be control and inferior.
The bible tells us that God created man, and out of man came the woman. The roles of men and woman are predetermined. According to Rousseau, “ Each family became a little society all the better united because reciprocal affection and freedom were its only bonds; and it was then that the first difference was established in the ways of life of the two sexes, which until then had but one” (1). The interaction between male and female is not one of freedom and equality. It is a relationship filled with constraints and assumptions. This image is a great representation of that scenario.
This image represents the current state of class differences across the world. 1% of the population holds all the power and the major of the money. While the majority of the population lives below the poverty line. According to Karl Marx, there are two classes present in a capitalistic society : the master ( Bourgeois) and the slave( Proletarians). The Bourgeois sets the rules and makes the product. While the Proletarians are forced to follow the rules and create the products.
This image of suicide depicts the second half of the presentation: Is the oppressed now playing a role in being oppressed?
What does it mean to be white? Educated, superior and proper. What does it mean to black? Ghetto, uneducated and inferior. These are the characteristics we are taught, but how have we contributed to their success?
It is not the color of your skin that defines you, but it is the color of your skin that allows others to identify you. Racial Profiling is a form of institutionalize racism , those in power attribute certain characteristics to a particular race. This has been an ever growing problem in America. Black Americans are seen as a threat to the power of their white xenophobic superiors.
Inside of the black community there is a line that stems from the time of slavery. The brown paper bag was used to distinguish those slaves who would be working in the field and those who would be working inside the house. The lighter African Americans were deemed acceptable to enter and interact with white Americans during times of slavery. The color lines that divide the black community is greater than any institution. This is an image of a women who would be considered ugly by a man whom mother looks exactly the same. In the video when the child points to the " ugly child" shows how the black community view itself. This idea goes back to the colonization of Africa, they though they were being enlightened by the new culture of the white man( 3). Unfortunately, this tragic misconception caused a destruction of African culture and love for the black being by the black community. People of color are not given a fair representation in Hollywood movies. When they are, they are represented in a negative light. Stereotypical roles will include an American Indian in a western or an African American as a slave. While praised for telling history, they keep the communities that representation in the state of mind of oppression and degradation.
It's a man's world, but did women let him have it? Why are men obligated to pay on first dates? Why is he gentlemen when opens the door? A man is supposed to provide , while a women is supposed to nurture. What happens when a man does not watch to provide and a woman does not want to nurture? Gender roles obliterate any chance of equality among the sexes. If men and women are equal they need to be prepare to take on equal responsibility.
When women are given the opportunity to uplift one another, there is a group of radicals preventing that from occurring. We are trained to see certain images as a threat to our feminine nature ( 4) and because of this women are reduced to a set of expectations. Women are not allowed to speak their minds out of fear of being called bossy or worst. When a man exhibits the same trait he is just " being a man". A woman should be allowed to be who she is without the criticism from other females are males. A woman who decides to cover her hair should be scolded for conforming to patriarchy. As a women who is comfortable with her sexuality should not be scolded for catering to patriarchy
The city of Camden, New Jersey is one example of a city of how politics and social mobility ruin the foundations social change. The greed and general bureaucracy destroys the final resolution. Money is given to a variety of charitable causes in hopes of political gain. Both the money that is given is used to gain more political favor.
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