The Fantastic 6 

(Functions of Art)

What is the function/purpose of art? Art is usually created to fulfill a certain goal. This art work displays the goal of delight. Delight is when you can appreciate the beauty of the art or the decorations. This artwork falls into this category because of the landscape and its beauty. It is delightful to look at due to its aesthetics (aesthetics is the study of sensory responses in regards to beauty). The artwork would make a lot of b=people think that the item pictured has beauty and that they would have a sensory response to the beauty. In art, beauty in art is the ability to be pleasing to the eye and this picture definitely does that. The mountainous landscape adds beauty by showing the elegance of nature. On top of the mountains, there are fishermen and a river. They add to the artwork by adding a beautiful river and people trying to get a meal.
There are many other purposes of art. Another goal of art can be the author is trying to get by a series of commentary. Commentary just means that the artist made the painting or artwork in order to communicate to the viewer. It can be a specific idea or broad, even of a world view. This picture has commentary of social equality and freedom. This artwork was made during the civil rights movement to show that colored people deserve freedom in the US just like whites. They eventually got those rights, which were needed, but the other commentary in this is the idea of freedom which is represented by the American flag. The US has the most amount of freedom than any other country. The people of the US also have a lot of rights that our guaranteed which is very nice. Not a lot of citizens across the world of other countries have that.
Along with the two previous purposes, art can serve as to promote rituals and worship in religion. The purpose of this is to get a person to have something they can visualize (mainly kids) so that they believe as well. Jesus on the cross in this artwork stands for the way that Jesus died for all of our sins. It represents that humans are not perfect and need forgiveness. There is no way someone could do good things all the time without a mistake and that is why God gave us Jesus to die on the cross. This makes us want to worship the Lord in the fact that he would do that for everyone. My pastor refers to this as a very powerful thing and I fully agree. This artwork reminds me of Jesus in that way and makes me want to keep believing in the lord strongly and keep going to church.
Have you ever needed something done and wanted someone to help you? If so, then you could try to use persuasion to have them help. You could have offered them money or some other perk that was intriguing to them that made them want to do it. Persuasion is another goal of art. The artwork below asks young kids to help the army by buying War Saving Stamps. It would give the army more money so it would boost us in a chance to win the war. Kids are a very easy crowd to trick or appease so the poster was likely to get kids to inform their parents that they need to get the savings bonds or that they needed to go spend their allowances on it. The kids more likely had the idea in their head that they were helping a lot and that is beneficial to a kid.
When a person or a lot of people die, people often commemorate those people for the life they lived. Commemoration means to remember and honor someone for their passing or thank them for their services before they died. It is very common to commemorate military veterans for their service or do memorials for military members that died for us and for our freedom. It is also very common to commemorate people that a family loves dearly such as a mother or a father. Artwork is often used to commemorate deaths of people. This artwork is in memory of Geelong Grammar school. I heard about it in history class, and it was a school that had about a hundred children killed in school during World War I. It was very tragic to hear and I would never wish that for any school. I am glad they made this memorial statute in a way to commemorate all those kids.
Have you ever been mad and wanted to express it in one way or another? I’m sure every human has. That is called self-expression, it is basically any emotion that you, or in this case the artist, is portraying in his/her life. Self-expression is also used in art for when the artist wants or tries to convey something through to the viewer on the art piece. The artist could be trying to convey through the emotions of the art or even trying to get you to think about the thoughts behind the inspiration of the art. Today many artists’ ideas are about a public stance like gun control. This artwork demonstrates self-expression through the character being joyful. This means that the artwork is conveying at that the fact that the artist was happy when he made it. When you look at the artwork the artist intends for you to feel the emotion just as he did when he created it.
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