Innocence in the Shadows

The pictures shown reveal the innocence held within each person. Innocence can sometimes be harder to find in others. The innocence is temporary and will soon evolve into adulthood. 

A mother is holding onto her son and his innocence. All the mother is focused on his her son's youth and innocence to the world.
This represents innocence slowly flying away from the person who withheld it. Innocence is temporary and must leave eventually.
This is a family filled with new innocence of a child. The adults in this family will try to keep the innocence of the child. The child will grow knowing what adulthood is by the help of the parents.
This picture represents the funeral of innocence. The watch in this artwork represents the aging and development of becoming an adult. The innocence has left and soon will change into adulthood.
A child is blindsided by his innocence. All he is seeing his his youth. He is hidden from the world of adulthood that is slowly creeping up behind him.
The women and her newborn are surrounded by people representing adulthood. The mother is focusing on her newborn's innocence, while all the newborn sees is adulthood.
Credits: All media
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