The Earth 

The theme of my art gallery is based on Earth. This Gallery consists of artworks and many more sculptures involving the earth's natural nature and beautiful colours. The earth is a perfectly shaped centered planet filled with multicultural societies, natural animal and human habitats and consists of natural layers which make the earth stable. I have chosen Earth as my Art Gallery theme because Earth is a very beautiful planet and something i would love to look into further detail towards the future. The artworks i have chosen relate to the theme of Earth as they evolve around the earth's colours and relates to earth through history. These artworks also relate to earth as these artworks impersonate geometric shapes, colours and unique textures. The Earth isn't as a perfect planet anymore because people have made bad decisions and pollute the earth. Pollution, war and natural disasters have affected our earth in negative ways and has made a negative impact to society. God used his 6 days  wisely making this beautiful earth for us and now the earth isn't as a delicate place anymore because of pollution, war and natural disasters.The earth contains 6 basic animal groups which include Amphibians, birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals and reptiles. There are four major plant groups on this earth, they consist of Mosses, Ferns, Conifers, and Flowering Plants. These land plants evolved around earth about 500 million years ago. We in now these days use plants for medical uses, food resources and oxygen for us to live.

This Aboriginal artwork is a Cultural Artwork because of its beautiful and natural Aboriginal patterns.
This Artwork is a Subjective artwork because of its positive response and its imaginative imagery.
This Artwork is a Post modern artwork because it was made after the 1970's and uses new strange materials.
This Artwork is a Structural artwork because it uses beautiful marine patterns, shows signs and symbols and uses techniques.
Credits: All media
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