Second Amendment: RIght to Bear Arms

By: Matthew Fang, Alyssa Ramos, and Jillian Scurlock

This photo represents the right to bear arms by showing that the amendment allows people to keep firearms on a regular basis.
This picture represents the connection between our articles which is to protect our families. This also shows the good of owning firearms which will allow people to defend themselves and their family.
This photo represents the good and bad of firearms showing that firearms may either be a blessing to protect yourself or a curse to kill others.
This photo represents the bad of bearing arms showing that the bearing of arms can result in the deaths of many people.
This picture represents the right to bear arms by showing a person owning a weapon. This also represents the bad of owning a firearm, because traumatized people may use firearms to hurt others
This picture represents the bad of bearing arms because families and victims are traumatized by the deaths or injuries of their friends and family as well as their experiences.
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