Summertime in Tampa

A collection of art pieces that evoke the spirit of a Floridian summer as seen through the eyes of a Tampa native.

This image closely resembles the Ballast Point Park Pier at the south end of Bayshore Blvd. in South Tampa. The beautiful palms along the Bayshore is something I find to be the quintessential feature of Tampa's year-round "summertime" image.
This colorful piece by Gauguin reminds me of the natives that inhabited the land before the Spanish discovered "La Florida". I find the cultural diversity to be an important aspect of Tampa's history because it influenced the architecture as well as the style for its citizens - both then and now.
This scene reminds me of 7th Avenue in Ybor City decades ago. While I can only imagine the scene in Ybor to have much more lively - filled with Cuban, Spanish, and Italian immigrants who worked at the nearby cigar factories - the architectural style is very similar. Although Friend's painting depicts a gold-mining town in Australia, the partly cloudy skies echos the Tampa skies before a mid-afternoon shower.
To me , this painting captures the feel of a Spanish-style home off Westshore Blvd. The lush greenery and contrasting terracotta reminds me of the view from the bay as you pass the beautiful homes and docks of Culbreath Isles.
The diversity in beaches is another great aspect of Tampa Bay. Fort DeSoto Park, for instance, is one of the few beaches in Tampa that have "greener" shorelines: grassy dunes and many pine trees.
The "touristy" beaches, in stark contrast to Fort DeSoto Park, have finer sand and more commercial attractions. This abstract image of "mending nets" closely mirrors the scene upon entering Clearwater Beach: the hectic round-about populated by snowbirds and tourists.
Yet another beach in the Tampa Bay area is Redington Beach. Natives saturate the shoreline during the month of July for Independence Day festivities. This image of snow (ironically) brings to mind the cloudy gulf waters after 4th of July fireworks from the pier - my absolute favorite Tampa tradition.
Lastly, this necklace - with its coral and turquoise accents - captures the spirit of Floridian attire in the summertime. Bold accessories take the place of clothing layers to accommodate the humid air.
Credits: All media
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