Roman Military 

Roman military was harsh, large, and lasted for long periods of time. Thousands of men went into battle ready to fight, even if there were losses. Over time, many tactics and weapons were imported by differentness leaders and generals. By the end of the Roman Empire, the military had many new aspects from .different military rulers.

An ordinary roman solider would wear armor made out of strips of leather and iron sheets . They would have iron helmets and strapped sandals. Many foot soldiers would serve the military for 25 years.
A diploma would be given to the a Roman soldier who had served the military for at least 25 years. It tells them the rights they are given since they served the military. The artifact shows what would be hung in a public Roman place to show the soldiers honor and respect for their service.
This is a picture of a Roman long sword. This long sword has very detailed designs engraved into it and most likely belonged to a Calvary soldier.
This is the remains of a Roman javelin. Women would often wear it as a necklace but it was also used in battle to penetrate through the opponent's armor.
This artifact depicts what would happen during a Roman victory. Usually, if they captured barbarians, they would chain their ankles and necks to a chariot and bring them through the streets of Rome. This would be a warning to the people, showing what would happen if they disobey the Roman law.
This sculpture is made to represent Germanicus. Germanicus was a Roman military general and the second emperor of Rome. He was viewed as a kind and friendly general and portrays what an ideal ruler should look and act like.
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