Principle of Emphasis

Emphasis on the shoulders of the garment created through color contrast, echoing of horizontal line and shape repetition
Rembrandt uses light and contrast to draw our eye to this tender moment shared between father and son .
the horizontal lines of the arrows and gentle rounding of the bows move our eyes to the right side of the image
the contrast between light and dark create a clear emphasis here
What is the effect of no emphasis? I find it unsettling!
repetition of rounded shapes draw our eye s to the virgin and Christ child.
The composition is overall very horizontal. However, the vertical movement of the central figure's arm creates a juxtaposition that draws our eye.
The subtle gesture of the figure's hand placed over the heart creates a focal point.
When a pattern is interrupted, our eye is drawn.
Light plays a key role in emphasis here.
Central placement , the shape of the shell and the diagonal lines created by the two figures flanking her make Venus the clear emphasis here
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