Color Schemes

The use of primary colors on this painting brings in normality. This is because complex shapes are used and the blue, red, and yellow bring them back to normality.
The use of green and orange make this painting seem a bit sickly, but with the horse seen seeming normal the secondaries make it seem different or odd.
The the opposite colors being used of red and green bring this painting to seem natural, because the flowers use opposites in nature with ease.
The reason for the use of only the red orange color and the white is to relate to the old age of the fossils found and how dry they are. The painting is of a excavation site and finding a buried body.
The use of black and white to create this painting make it seem calm and a peaceful scenery. The setting is in a garden of peace and the scheme only improves the feeling.
The use of colors like orange and yellow in the background provide a warmth in the painting. The scheme makes the home scene only feel stronger than it was.
The use of the cool colors like blue, grey, and green provide a sort of depressing feeling because the man in the painting looks sad himself or alone.
The use of warm colors on this painting brings in the feeling of spring flowers. Red, Pink, and yellow provide warmth through the flowers.
Credits: All media
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