La Vie et La Mort

Life and Death By: Matt Moschell

L'Après-midi à Naples [Afternoon in Naples], Paul CÉZANNE, c.1875, From the collection of: National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
The act of creating life..
The Inmaculate Conception with Jesuits, Juan Francisco de Aguilera, 1720, From the collection of: Museo Nacional de Arte
The conception of life, God or man is the worlds saving grace.
The birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli, 1483 - 1485, From the collection of: Uffizi Gallery
Birth unto the world, or heavens creates life, and new life is a beautiful creation depicted by Botticelli.
Born / Bearing in to Death, Gül Ilgaz, 2001, From the collection of: İstanbul Museum of Modern Art
The one certainty of life, is when you are born you will die..
Frida and the Cesarean (unfinished), Frida Kahlo, 1931, From the collection of: Museo Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo struggled with pregnancy, and was never able to bring new life to this world.
Throughout life, death will always loom over your existence, biding it's time till your demise.
The Last Day of Pompeii, Karl Brullov, 1830/1833, From the collection of: The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
The days or hours before you demise, what do you do with them? What do you feel? Karl Brullov showed us what the last days of the city of Pompeii was like through his eyes.
Summum jus, summa injuria. The murder of a child., Erik Henningsen, 1886, From the collection of: The Hirschsprung Collection
Discovering death, is an unsettling experience, however it is something we will all eventually discover.
Apollo and Diana Punishing Niobe by Killing her Children, Abraham Bloemaert, 1591, From the collection of: SMK - Statens Museum for Kunst
Taking a life can be as simple as giving one. Unfortunately this is the cold fact told to us by Bloemaert
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