Examples of glass artwork

Example of glass being shaped into many different forms
Here the artist created a blown glass base and stacked plates on top of it
Glass bowl that was infused with a blue dye to add contrast and show definition
Intricate glass design where the artist used a technique to twirl the glass in an upward motion, resembling handles. 
Stained glass picture incorporating balance and color
Glass jar with white swirls added using high contrast; degree of difficulty: pretty hard
Whiskey glass with intricate engraving; no technique of blowing involved
Engraving and blowing techniques both incorporated; handle pulled and twisted and mouth of vase made easier for pouring
Glass structure that was made out of two different colors; makes connection by having yellow handle meet the blue mouth of the jug; probably broken due to a thousand years of wear and tear
Glass bowl made with red streaks; each section has same design therefore adding balance
Credits: All media
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