Colors: Lights and Shadows

How lighting and shadows can improve the look of a  painting 

The lighting of this picture shows a "holy" person at the top which is shown by the light color being emitted from the person.
in this painting the darkness and shades give it a dark feel to it making it creepy
The shadows in this painting give it a depth of field.
The lights and darks in this drawing make it. it shows the texture of the rocks and shows that its the closest thing to the viewer
I chose this because the lighting of this particular painting is coming from the lava and is nicely reflected from the water underneath. It truly shows the emotion with the amazing lighting.
I picked this painting because of its use of bright and dark colors for the land and water. Water being the dark color and the ground being the lighter color.
The colors with this painting allows you to tell the difference of the land and the water. Making one dark and the other light
I picked this painting because the use of the darker area to show a room going farther in allowing to show the viewer depth.
In this the lights and darks in the painting give the depths of the field showing the water in front and the ground in the back.
The different colors from lights and darks allow the painting to stick out and catch your eye
For this painting the shades of yellow give it a texture that gives a different feel to the painting
In this painting its slowly gets from dark to light from bottom to the top. It shows that the book are getting higher
The colors in this painting show a depth of field.
This painting uses a lot of different colors but the different shades allow a vase to be shown in the painting
The darks and lights on this tree give a good texture to the tree and the leafs.
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