almost perfect symmetry with the buildings structure.
Live the shield design, even the small damage it has.
Looks well design and long lasting.
Thought I add this on here since I have never seen this before and seems very symmetrical also.
I added this on here cause it reminded me of a boomerang.
The way this artwork has no name has intrigued me more of the art.
The design of the dagger is well done for it be made of stone.
Never seen a chair like this before but the design of this is very well done.
A unknown hook and magical. Why not choose this kind of piece?
The symmetry of this object is pretty good for it being made within the 1000-1600.
I choose this because the table seems well made and I like how the light and shadows appear.
I like the small details that are put into the bodhisattva for a 7th century artwork.
Texture is very well done and simply looks amazing.
The design and colors used to make this is very rare to me and beautiful.
For a balloon the design that is put onto it is greatly details as well as the background.