Sculptures-Optimization of the Human condition-SBU CLAr 209 Sum 1-Ruh

Sculptures represent some of the hardest earned art. They take the most time to create and once a cut is made it cannot be undone. 

This sculpture is showing a recent freed slave after the civil war. His hardened formed shows what he has been through and his strength will give him the power to move forward in life.
Contemplation. This famous sculpture is showing the human ability to contemplate. An action many of us should spend more time doing. Those who do can accomplish great things.
The human fascination with divinity has made its way into all forms of art. The sculpture of people we find great is a common practice. The Dalai Lama is the manifestation of peace and compassion in our world to most people.
Just as with the previous sculpture this is a bust of another great man. Ben Franklin is a great thinker and philosopher and immortalizes a man who helped create our great country.
Finally Mr. Mandela. Our most modern human rights activist who has brought an entire country around on centuries of culture to create a home for all people in a way relatively free of violence.
Credits: All media
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