The mightiest of all time

This gallery shows sculptures, of Zeus, also known as Jupiter. Who reigned over the Gods as a God among them. 

Here is a statue of Jupiter, whom is also known as Zeus. He is sitting on a throne of marble, holding what seems to be an angel. His eagle whom is also seen perched next to him. The marble shows a unique pattern and really helps make the statue seem more royal.
Another statue of Zeus which shows a sculpture of the Eagle. The eagle is commonly believed to symbolize Zeus. It shows Zeus standing tall which his pet Eagle beside him, and an apple at his feet.The apple is what sticks out to me most on this sculpture. I am not sure why it was added into the piece. Perhaps it could resemble the apple he gave to Hermes.
Here is a bodiless sculpture of Zeus, depicting his face. He is commonly seen as a god with curly hair and beard. This sculpture shows him younger than how we usually see him.He is also dressed in the normal white toga the Greek gods were often shown in. Non the less Zues looks wise and powerful as always.
Here is a sculpture depicting Zeus or Jupiter setting on a throne. His arm and most of his face has been destroyed with time, but you can still see the tremendous amount of detail put in by the artist. I can't help but wonder what Zeus would have been holding in his left arm. I feel as if it was either a lightning bolt or his eagle perched on his arm.
Here is a bronze figure of Zeus, standing triumphant holding his enemies head. Again he is depicted with curly hair, and is shown as a very muscular man. This sculpture shows his dominance. I like the color the figure came out as. Knowing they used bronze to create it I find it unique.
Here is another depiction of Zeus in a throne. He had his hand high, which I believe would have been holding a chalice of some kind with wine. This is a old piece and has been altered by time. This is another statue showing his hand held above and again makes me wonder what it could have been that he was holding.
Here is a statue of Zeus showing him about to throw a lightning bolt. He was known as the God of Lighting and one of his main weapons was a thunder bolt. Even in the child's movie Hercules. The lightning bolt is what I likely think the statues of Zeus with his hand gone are what he was holding. It is a very iconic symbol go the God.
Here is a different look at Zeus than we normally see. He isn't as muscular, and is almost predicted as a scholar with the scroll. His loyal Eagle is perched by his feet as often shown. This is a very well kept statue, and is a more recent representation of him. This makes me wonder wether or not the artist believes the mythology or if this was for creative purposes.
Here is a statue of Zeus, with what appears to be a sheep behind him. And he trusted eagle by his feet. He is draped in robes, and depicted with curly hair once again. This is another more recent statue of Zeus. It looks as if it is in the side of a building or wall. My favorite part of this piece is how the eagle spreads his wings behind Zeus.
Here is the head of Jupiter, or Zeus. It is very well maintained and has survived the test of time. The details in his facial hair, and hair once again depict a very curly nature. His face stern. This piece reminds me of Medusa. His curly hair reminds me of her curly snakes. And I have seen many pieces of Medusa where it is only her head.
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