Solar Yellows

I chose to use paintings that were in part associated with the sun. The sun is one of the most important aspects to agriculture, without it there would be no life. I decided to use paintings, specifically oil on canvas, in this galleries.

I chose this work because it reminds me of what the title calls it, a sunset. I looked at it as the end of the farming cycle before it starts over the next day. I also added it for its variety.
I decided to use this piece because its a subtle way of blending the agriculture aspect with the sun theme, sunflowers. This piece has less yellow tones in it than I would like but it still works.
This painting also doesn't have a sun directly painted into it but it is represented in the light versus dark foreground. I also like to think that the sun is represented in the yellow of wheat.
This painting has all of the aspects that I wanted to include this gallery, yellow tones, the sun, and agriculture aspects. I like the colors used and the way the brushstrokes are curvy and wavy.
I chose to put this last because it depicts the last stop for trees after they're harvested and ties the gallery back to agriculture. I also added it for the definition in the brushstrokes.
Credits: All media
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