This artwork uses balance, with the masonry and colors feeling very similar, as well as the shapes on both sides being the same proportions.
This artwork uses rhythm very similar colors, shades, materials and the shape of the people and objects have a rhythm throughout the art piece.
This artwork uses the principle repetition, this is easily seen since the artwork mainly consists of the same object revolving around what seems to be a disk or something of that sort.
This artwork uses visual movement because my eye tends to always starts at the fields to the left than goes up and then goes up and down looking at the mountains.
This artwork uses movement because chariots are known to move and turn and after all it is a chariot.
This artwork uses unity. This piece is quite obviously made to be in the past, and I believe all of the setting matches each other, the clothing resembles what people would wear in that setting and time as well.
This artwork uses proportion. You can tell this by when first looking at this artwork your eye is automatically attracted towards the bed as it is the closest thing to you. The bed is also the largest object in the artwork.
This artwork uses variety, there are so many different colors and objects in the piece like the fruit and clothing.
Credits: All media
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