Aidan's Ancient Chinese Art and culture

Was made out of bronze. Bronze Bells were used for calming the mind and aiding thought, and it was also used for ritual music. Did not have a clapper in the middle, it had to be hit with a gong. This art was valued because when they won they would ring it as a sign of victory, and they would use it to signify gratitude to the gods
Jade had to be carved in and was used for weapons, jewelry, and sometimes saddles. This was made by carving because Jade was so strong if you wanted words on your jewelry it had to be carved in. This was made from stone. This is important because it helped them become a better society and become a better empire.
Was made from ink which was made from ink stone and clay. Carved into clay and then put paint into the carving. The calligraphy was used for communication, storys, and writing. This art was valued because it helped them become a society like how much dumplings are worth or if a spy mails a general.
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